Building Confidence

Confidence is Fear’s Antidote

Posted by Mara in Anxiety, Self-Esteem Posted on: 24 Sep 2016

Whenever we’re about to make a big decision, our support system always tells us to jump. They remind us of our strength, counter every argument we have, and tell us to stop over-thinking and just do it! So if it’s that easy, why do we get in our own way? Why do we stand on the edge of the cliff paralyzed to move? Why can’t we jump when we know it’s what’s best for us? Well if I had to guess I think it comes down to one word: FEAR. “What if we fail? What if we don’t achieve our goals? And what if we’re not good enough to do so?” Fear is a tricky emotion bc while on one hand it can protect us from danger, in excess it has the ability to stop us from living the life we’ve always dreamed of. “I want to go to grad school but I’m scared of the debt I’ll accrue in the process.” “My life dream is to open my own business but no one will take me seriously.” “I know I love him but I’m afraid of getting hurt.” And while these steps are without a doubt terrifying, the consequences we create in our mind are always worse. But have you ever stopped to ask yourself what’s the probability the outcome you’re afraid of will occur? What’s the chance that this bad thing might happen? And what’s so bad if it does? Will I actually fall apart or is there a possibility I could grow to become even better than I’ve ever imagined?

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