Avoidance Coping

We Avoid the Things We Don’t Want to Confront

Posted by Mara in Anxiety, Depression, Featured Posted on: 21 Jun 2016

Let’s start our week out with the truth! Avoidance shows up for all of us- we avoid the things we don’t want to confront, the things that bring us pain, sadness, and maybe even fear. And what do we do instead? We live our lives pretending everything is okay, we seek comfort elsewhere, sometimes we even try to rationalize why we don’t need to make change. Why everything is okay just as it is. And in doing so, we further shame the parts of us that are crying out for help.

So if you’re feeling stuck, try to lean in this week. Try to do one small thing towards your goal. Because even if it doesn’t work out how you want it to, you are still sending yourself the message that you are important and worthy of growth. That your pain matters. If not to others, than at least to yourself.

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