Anxiety Disorder

A Reminder for Those Who Plan Ahead

Posted by Mara in Anxiety Posted on: 05 Jun 2016

This is for all those planners out there….for those of you who identify with being “Type A” and seek comfort from having everything planned out ahead of time. While people in your life may find this trait distressing, there’s something so beneficial about being a planner. Our planner part is the part that makes sure we finish our work, the part of us that thinks ahead so we’re never late to an interview or that we pack for our trip the night before. It’s the part of us that anticipates danger, thinks ahead, and ensures we make decisions we’re proud of. Others consider their planner part the piece of them that keeps them on track to succeed and achieve their goals.


And although this personality trait protects us from the unfamiliar, the things that are unknown in our lives, or that which we cannot control – when working in excess, this part can also stop us from truly enjoying life and can even rob us of our spontaneity, playfulness, and carefree sense of adventure! So just remember, if “plan A fails, there are 25 other letters in the alphabet.” And if you look inward and remind your planner part of your capabilities, you will never be truly lost.

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