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Seek Help of a Family Therapist on Your Relationship with Your Child
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Family Therapy

Family Counseling

Are you and your child arguing more than you would like? Do you feel like you and your spouse are on the same page when it comes to parenting the kids? Are you concerned about your child’s behavior and miss the connection you use to have with them?

If you’re feeling worried about your relationship with your child, family therapy might be a good option to help you and your child rebuild trust and strengthen the bond you share.


Family Therapy

Family Conflict

At each stage of development, families undergo an enormous amount of change. While some of these changes depend on the children’s developmental stage, others are situational such as a parent getting a new job, moving houses, children changing schools, peer pressure, and so much more. Although some of these changes may include growth and opportunity, they also can put a great deal of pressure on the family system and lead to conflict as members are forced to adjust and transition into new roles with one another.

Significance of Parent-Child Relationship

The relationship between a parent and child is unlike any other relationship in our lives.

At infancy, children form an attachment bond with their parent that influences the way they see and perceive the world. For example, if a parent is present and emotionally available, a child may grow up and believe intimate relationships are safe. However, if the child is belittled, abused, or mistreated, he or she may develop an insecure attachment, thus believing it is unsafe to trust other people. Therefore the relationship we develop with our child and the safety they feel in our presence is an integral part of their identity and can strongly influence their worldview. For example, a child who was constantly criticized by their parent grows up to believe they are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. These narratives and the “way we talk to our children” according to Peggy O’mara “becomes their inner voice,” which is why it is so important to hold safety and security for them. Holding Hope can help you improve your relationship and strengthen the messages your child receives helping him or her build a more confident sense of self.

“The way we talk to our children becomes their inner voice.” ~Peggy O’mara

How Can Family Therapy Help?

Whether one child is misbehaving or parents fighting is causing distress, it is important to address the issue and seek help as soon as possible rather than letting the problem build up over time. Seeking family therapy may seem unnecessary if you have an individual therapist for yourself or your child, but the truth is family therapy is for everyone and includes children of all ages. The primary goal of family therapy is to strengthen the family unit and restore trust between everyone.


Family therapy can take many forms and the orientation of who might attend each week may shift depending on the needs of each member and the goals outlined at the beginning of therapy. While there are always risks to starting therapy, there is great benefit in creating a place for your child to share his or her feelings and both of you to work to establish mutual respect and understanding for one another that can improve your relationship for years to come.

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