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Child Psychologist to Help Your Child with their Emotional Needs
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Child Therapy


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What Is Child Therapy?

Child counseling is a unique type of therapy tailored to meet children’s developmental and emotional needs. Depending on the child’s age, they may have trouble expressing their feelings and often need help making sense of the world around them. Therapy can give children a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings and create a trusting bond that can serve as a model for them to develop healthy relationships in the future.

Attachment Bonds

While many people believe children are too young to understand life’s challenges, there is a great deal of research that indicates the contrary. In fact, children are more perceptive than we might realize. They are strongly influenced by their environment – school, home, and the significant people in their lives such as parents, caregivers, etc.. The attachment bond between parent and child begins in infancy and determines the child’s ability to feel safe and secure in the world. Whether you’ve noticed your child struggling in relationships with others or displaying behavior that seems unfamiliar to you, we can work together to identify your child’s fears and concerns and help make sense of his or her emotional experience. When appropriate, the parent may join the child’s therapy session as a means for strengthening the attachment bond that exists and to provide the child additional support. Similarly, the therapeutic relationship can serve as a healthy model for the child to develop a secure attachment to another person.

How Can a Child Psychologist Help?

The most common treatment for children is play therapy because it takes into consideration the child’s developmental stage. While adults express themselves through words, children tend to use play to represent what they are thinking and feeling. Because of this, a child psychologist may use play therapy techniques to explore your child’s internal world through a means of communication that is both safe and familiar to them. Whether you’ve noticed your child having difficulty in school, socialize with peers, or cope with a difficult life stressor such as parental divorce, a child psychologist can work to help your child process and overcome the situation in a way that sets them up for future success.

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