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Seek a Teenage Therapist to Help Adolescents Cope with Anxiety
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Adolescent Therapy


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What is Adolescence?

Adolescence is one of the most difficult stages in the family life cycle. During this time, your teen is undergoing an enormous amount of changes – emotionally, physically, socially, and mentally. It is also the time when teenagers begin to differentiate from their parents, assert their opinions, and develop their own identity. While these changes are a necessary part of development, they often can be challenging for the entire family.

Common Challenges

Adult therapy, teen anxietyChanges such as those mentioned along with the normal pressure to fit in and be accepted by their peers makes this time in life especially challenging. Some teens experience bullying and/or cyber-bullying, both of which can negatively affect their self-esteem and lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression. While it’s difficult to recognize these symptoms since teens tend to be less forthcoming with their emotions, if you are noticing abnormal changes in your child’s behavior or they’ve made comments that are worrisome to you, teen therapy might be a good option for them.

How Can Teen Therapy Help?

While some advanced play techniques can help adolescents express themselves, teen therapy can often be a helpful source of support and give teens a safe outlet to process their thoughts and feelings. Some adolescents enjoy teen therapy because they feel comfortable telling the therapist things that they are afraid to share with their parents or do not know how to address on their own. Because of this, the therapist may choose to conduct some family therapy sessions and can work together with you and your child to encourage open lines of communication, increase trust, and help you connect with one another on a deeper level.

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