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Pre Wedding Therapy to Help with Transition into Marriage
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Premarital Therapy


premarital therapy, premarital counseling, pre marriage counseling

Pre Marriage Counseling

Pre marriage Counseling

Getting married, similar to graduating college and having a baby, is a significant life stage and one that requires a great deal of adjustment. Whether you’ve lived with your spouse for years or whether it’s your first time as roommates, there are a number of changes that happen as you transition from courtship to married life as husband and wife.

Transitioning to Marriage

Some common adjustments that occur during engagement include job change, relocating, moving in together, and spending more time with couple friends. Your personal values and beliefs may start to shift as you and your spouse decide what to bring from your own families into your relationship with one another. While these changes can be exciting and bring a great deal of joy and happiness to your life, they can also be stressful and lead to arguments between you and your partner.

How Can Therapy Help?

premarital counseling, premarital therapy, pre marriage counselingDuring this time, it’s important to surround yourself with the proper forms of support. Along with friends and loved ones, premarital counseling can provide you and your partner with the opportunity to explore your thoughts and feelings and have conversations that bring you closer together. It can also help prepare you for the next stage in your relationship. Many people believe premarital therapy is only for couples that are struggling or incapable of managing life on their own. This is a myth and something I often hear from couples at the onset of therapy.


While the goal of premarital counseling can definitely be to work through issues in the relationship and learn how to communicate more effectively, therapy can also serve as a place to explore difficult topics (i.e. sex, religion, family values, etc.) and help strengthen the foundation of your relationship. Additionally, premarital counseling can help couples cope with life’s daily stressors and family conflict that can occur when planning a wedding and merging two families together. By investing your time and energy in one another, premarital therapy can help you and your partner feel even more connected to one another before the big day.

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