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Seek a Couple Counselor to Improve Your Relationship with Your Spouse
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Couples Counseling


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Who Goes to Couples Therapy?

Couples counseling is for couples in all stages of life – those who are dating, engaged, newly married, and even those who have been together for many years. Whether you or your partner are struggling with a specific issue or just having difficulty communicating effectively, we can work together to address the issues that are most pressing for each of you and invite back parts of your relationship that have been missing, possibly even create something stronger than what you had before. We will explore the hurt and pains you both have experienced and help you listen and respond in a way that builds safety and trust with one another.


Most people seek couples therapy as a last straw – when the relationship has become a major stressor and both partners are on the defense. While couples counseling can help you deescalate and get to the root of the problem, it can also be beneficial to seek help early as a preventative measure to protect the aspects of your relationship you value and learn how to work through difficult challenges that might show up in the future.

“The more securely connected we are to those we love, the more we tune in and respond to their needs as if they were our own.” – Dr. Sue Johnson

Treatment for Couples

The framework used most often with couples at Holding Hope is called Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT). Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and her colleague Les Greenberg in the 1908’s, EFT is founded on the belief that we are emotionally dependent on our partners and that we need them to feel loved and secure. EFT explores both partners’ attachment needs and focuses on rebuilding trust and strengthening the connection between partners. Research states that 70-75% of distressed couples that participate in EFT recover from hardship and report being happier as a result. EFT has also shown to yield long-term effects, including couples who are at risk for divorce.


Watch Dr. Sue Johnson speak about Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy:



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