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Seek Relationship Counseling to Heal Your Relationship Issues
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Help With Relationships

Your Relationship Matters

Relationships are such a significant part of our lives and exist all around us. We develop relationships with everyone we meet – our parents, siblings, friends, co-workers, and significant other. While relationships can be a source of safety and security for us, they can also cause a great deal of stress and anxiety at times.


The way we show up in relationships tends to depend largely on how we were raised and what we witnessed as children. Did we feel loved growing up? If so, how did our parents show their love? What kinds of messages were sent about how to express emotion? Many of the patterns that show up in our romantic relationships stem from what we have learned and experienced in the past. If we had a mother who criticized us growing up, we may be critical of our partners or ourselves and possibly create an environment where those around us feel pressure to be perfect in fear of disappointing us. Or maybe we were abandoned or cheated on by an ex and as a result struggle to trust others in fear of getting hurt again?

Coping with Relationship Distress

Relationship distress is one of the most difficult things we experience and can negatively impact many aspects of our lives. While we strive to be in healthy relationships, too often we find ourselves doubting the relationship, wondering if the other person cares about us, and sometimes even questioning our own self-worth. If you are struggling with self-doubt, anxiety, or you have felt hurt recently by things your partner has said or done, relationship counseling can help explore the current issues in the relationship and help you better understand you and your partner’s pain.

Surviving a Break-Up

As humans we are programmed to connect to one another and therefore become attached to the person we love. Because of this, coping with a break-up can be extremely destabilizing and can lead to symptoms of anxiety and depression. Whether we initiated the break-up, were resistant to it, or whether it was mutual, the emotions we experience are often similar to those we feel when coping with a loss. While initially we may feel shocked, hurt, and rejected, over time we can grow to feel angry, jealous, resentful, and sometimes even experience feelings of longing for that person. It is in these moments when we need to remember our strength and remind ourselves that we are important and worthy of love. In order to do so, we must surround ourselves with the right kind of support.

Relationship Therapy NYC

Whether you are struggling in your relationship with your partner or are coping with a break-up and need help processing your experience, relationship therapy can help you grow from the pain. Many people seek relationship counseling to talk about how they’re feeling in a safe and non-judgmental space. While family and friends can be wonderful forms of support, some find it relieving to speak to someone unrelated to the situation. During relationship therapy, we will work together to identify the parts of yourself that need attention and explore past patterns so you can attract the type of love you want and deserve!


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