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Location: 29 West 36th Street 5th Floor New York, NY 10018
Phone: 917-740-7199


Couples Therapy “When people feel loved, they are freer, more alive, and more powerful than ever imagined.” ~Dr. Sue Johnson Marriage and Family Therapist, NYC "Loving ourselves through the process of owning our own story is the bravest thing we’ll ever do.” ~Brene Brown Teen Therapy “Conflict is an opportunity to learn to love our partner better over time.” ~Dr. Julie Gottman Adult Attachment "You are imperfect and you are wired for struggle, but you are worthy of love and belonging." ~Brene Brown

Welcome to Holding Hope Marriage and Family Therapy!

Holding Hope MFT is a private practice located in midtown Manhattan that serves individuals, couples, and families struggling with relationship distress. The purpose of Holding Hope MFT is to provide you with a safe place to explore your fears and concerns, while empowering you to believe in your ability to overcome life’s challenges. The techniques and clinical expertise found at Holding Hope MFT are based on years of education and training, as well as the belief that the key to successful therapy is building a strong and safe therapeutic relationship.

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Meet Mara Hirschfeld

Mara Hirschfeld

Mara is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of New York and the owner and founder of Holding Hope MFT. She works with individuals, couples, and families going through relationship distress to improve communication and rebuild safety and trust. After earning her Masters of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy at Virginia Tech, Mara moved to New York City to pursue her passion for helping people improve their lives and strengthen their relationships with others. Mara is actively engaged in session and uses her optimism, warmth, and compassion to help her clients achieve their goals and work toward living a more fulfilling life.

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